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Give Holmer Green Service Centre a call for all your Vauxhall servicing needs. Conveniently located in Holmer Green, we have been maintaining Vauxhalls in peak condition with comprehensive car servicing performed by our expert mechanics, all holding Automotive Technician Accreditation. From routine maintenance to intricate repairs, our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled technicians ensure your Vauxhall runs smoothly and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule your service and experience the exceptional care that sets us apart.



Worried about your warranty?

Block exemption regulations means we can offer an equivalent service to those provided by dealerships, using parts that will not invalidate your warranty.

Vauxhall Service High Wycombe

Every Vauxhall needs yearly servicing to ensure there are no faults and the vehicle is always in the best possible condition. If you just want to ensure your vehicle is giving you the best levels of performance and don’t want to wait until your annual or major service, why not book a small service or oil change/filter change?

Holmer Green Service centre offers the following:

Interior Checks
Seat and seat belts
Warning lamps
Switches (position lamps, headlamps, hazards heater controls, A/C temp)
Brake control
Steering wheel and column
Doors, mirrors, horn and wipers

Exterior Checks
Registration plates
All lights
Wheels and tyres
Fuel cap and gasket

Under Bonnet Checks
Braking system
Oil level, brake fluid level, power steering level and washer fluid level
Steering components, suspension component
Auxiliary belts condition

Under Vehicle Checks
Fuel lines, brake lines, brake discs (drums) and brake pads (shoes)
Exhaust system
Suspension, joints, bushes and bearings


Vauxhall Diagnostics

At Holmer Green Service Centre we have invested heavily in state of the art Delphi and Autologic diagnostic equipment and we update our software and training every year so we deliver the highest level of diagnostic service.

Our diagnostic equipment provides us with complete coverage of the full vehicle system for fault finding and coupled with our experienced technicians, we work to the same standard as the main dealer, but at a more cost effective price. As a Vauxhall freindly garage, we ensure tailored solutions and expert care for all Vauxhall models


Vauxhall garage near me

Finding a good Vauxhall garage can be an important task if you are a Vauxhall car owner. Vauxhall cars are known for their reliability and durability, but regular maintenance and repairs are essential to keep them running smoothly. Fortunately, if you’re in Amersham, the Vauxhall service Amersham offers top-notch professional services to cater to all your car needs. Similarly, for those in High Wycombe, the Vauxhall service High Wycombe ensures that every car gets the care and expertise it deserves. Whether you need an oil change, a tyres, or a major repair, a local Vauxhall garage can provide the assistance you need to keep your vehicle in top condition. So, if you want to maintain the performance and longevity of your vehicle, be sure to use us as the reputable Vauxhall garage in your area.


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