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For the best Renault garages near me, try Holmer Green Service Centre who have been keeping Renault’s in and around Holmer Green at optimum condition with thorough car servicing. Are  Renault servicing performed by our experienced mechanics who have Automotive Technician Accreditation.



Worried about your warranty?

Block exemption regulations means we can offer an equivalent service to those provided by dealerships, using parts that will not invalidate your warranty.

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Every Renault needs annual servicing to ensure if there are any faults, these are found and the vehicle is always in the best possible condition. If you just want to ensure your vehicle is giving you  the best levels of performance and don’t want to wait until your annual or major service, why not book a small interim service or oil change and filter change?

Holmer Green Service centre offer the following:

Interior Checks
  • Seat and Seat Belts: These secure the safety of passengers by ensuring that seat belts and seat mechanisms are functioning correctly, crucial for any travel.
  • Warning Lamps: This is essential for monitoring the car’s health, alerting you to issues before they become severe.
  • Switches (position lamps, headlamps, hazards heater controls, A/C temp): These ensure all critical vehicle controls are operational, supporting both safety and comfort.
  • Brake Control: This keeps you safe by making sure the braking system is responsive and reliable, especially important in traffic.
  • Steering Wheel and Column: This inspection ensures that steering is precise, crucial for maneuvering safely on busy roads.
  • Doors, Mirrors, Horn, and Wipers: These components enhance your safety by ensuring you have clear visibility and effective communication with other road users.
Exterior Checks
  • Registration Plates: This confirms that your Renault is compliant with legal standards and properly registered.
  • All Lights: This is vital for safe driving, ensuring you can see and be seen in all conditions.
  • Wheels and Tyres: This check is essential for road safety, ensuring tyres are in good condition and wheels are properly aligned.
  • Fuel Cap and Gasket: This helps prevent fuel loss and fume emissions, important for both safety and environmental concerns.
  • Corrosion: Checking for rust helps maintain the integrity and value of the car.
Under Bonnet Checks
  • Braking System: This is crucial for ensuring your Renault can safely stop, particularly important in urban and high-traffic environments.
  • Oil Level, Brake Fluid Level, Power Steering Level, Washer Fluid Level: Maintaining these fluid levels is essential for the smooth operation of the car and preventing mechanical failures.
  • Steering Components, Suspension Components: This ensures the car handles correctly and rides smoothly, important for comfort and safety.
  • Auxiliary Belts Condition: This check is vital for ensuring that critical components like the alternator and water pump function properly.
Under Vehicle Checks
  • Fuel Lines, Brake Lines: This prevents leaks and ensures the braking system is intact and functioning correctly, vital for safety.
  • Brake Discs (Drums) and Brake Pads (Shoes): Regular inspections are necessary for maintaining effective braking performance.
  • Exhaust System: Ensures emissions are within legal limits and that harmful gases are correctly vented away from the vehicle.
  • Suspension, Joints, Bushes, and Bearings: This inspection ensures the vehicle’s structural components are secure and functioning properly, contributing to a stable and smooth ride.
Why Choose Holmer Green Service Centre?
  • State-of-the-Art Diagnostics: Leveraging the latest in Delphi and Autologic technology, we offer precise diagnostics for all types of vehicles.
  • Affordable Excellence: Enjoy premium service at prices that undercut traditional dealership fees.
  • Skilled Professionals: Our mechanics are continuously trained in the newest automotive techniques, ensuring top-notch service.
  • Extensive Brand Knowledge: We are proficient in servicing a diverse range of car brands from luxury to mainstream, ensuring that your specific vehicle gets the expert attention it deserves.
  • All-Inclusive Care: Whether it’s regular maintenance or specialized modifications, we provide a full spectrum of automotive services.

Renault Diagnostics

At Holmer Green Service Centre we have invested heavily in state of the art Delphi and Autologic diagnostic equipment and we update our software and training every year so we deliver the highest level of diagnostic service.

Our diagnostic equipment provides us with complete coverage of the full vehicle system for fault finding and coupled with our experienced technicians, we work to the same standard as the main dealer, but at a more cost effective price.



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