From your engine to your horn, an MOT is essential to ensuring that your car is in a good condition and safe to drive on the public highway. What’s more, under UK law your vehicle is required to undergo an MOT annually should it be driven on public roads.

Since 1983, Holmer Green Service Centre has been keeping the residents of Holmer Green and the surrounding areas safe with our thorough MOT tests. Each of these are performed by our highly skilled mechanics, who have Automotive Technician Accreditation.

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Inside of Holmer Green Service Centre, an MOT centre based in Buckinghamshire.


Our MOTs cover all the essential aspects of your vehicles mechanics and safety features. It is only by ensuring each of these are in good condition that you can be assured of your safety during you daily commute and family outings. The items checked during an MOT include:


Interior Checks

Seat and seat belts

Warning lamps

Switches (position lamps, headlamps and hazards)

Brake control

Steering wheel and column

Doors, mirrors, horns and wipers

Exterior Checks

Registration plates

All lights except reverse lamp

Headlamp aim

Wheels and tyres

Fuel cap and gasket


Under Bonnet Checks

Braking system

Oil level and brake fluid level

Steering components, suspension component

Under Vehicle Checks

Fuel lines and brake lines

Exhaust system

Suspension, joints, bushes and bearings

MOT Lane

Brake roller test and exhaust emissions test

To book your MOT at our Holmer Green based service centre, call our team on 01494 715 058. Whilst based in the beautiful Buckinghamshire village, we often service vehicles from the surrounding towns of Amersham, Hazlemere and Prestwood.


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