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To make sure your vehicle is roadworthy, you are required by law to get an MOT certification. We can make sure you are safe on the roads and that your car passes all the environmental regulations.

An approved test centre such as ours will give you a valid certificate so you can keep motoring. Your latest certificate will show you the expiry date details and let you know how soon you need your test,  so if you need us, book now with our MOT centre close to Beaconsfield.

Our Buckinghamshire Service Centre has been providing MOTs for clients in Beaconsfield since 1992. You can be assured that your safety is our top priority and so we will conduct a thorough investigation of your vehicle. Any issues that we find, or replacements that you might need, will be highlighted and we will secure your approval on making any repairs before we do the work. This means you will never be presented with unexpected costs on collection.

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We pride ourselves on our reputation in the surrounding community, you can therefore feel reassured that you won’t see any additional charges on your bill when they are not necessary.

We are a class 4 MOT approved centre, which means any vehicle from large cars to small 2 wheelers are welcome and can be tested fully on our premises.

MOT nr. Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire

There are some pre-MOT checks that you can perform before you bring your vehicle to us to make sure your test is as simple as possible.

  • Check your lights by switching them on and off individually and getting a friend to confirm that they are working. Buy any replacement bulbs you need.
  • Make sure your tyre pressure is correct and fill with some air if you need to
  • Check your Oil, Water and Coolant levels regularly, and top up if required
  • Keep your number plates clean so they can be easily read
  • Replace your wiper blades if they are no longer clearing the screen properly when used.

Our garage is based near Beaconsfield and within local distance of Amersham, Little Missenden and Great Missenden. We are local to most in the Buckinghamshire area, and we aim to provide the test while you wait. Please feel free to stay in our comfortable waiting room where our fully trained and friendly staff can help you out with any questions, or provide you with a tea and biscuits and even newspaper to make you comfy and minimise your inconvenience.

When your vehicles test is due, give us a call or go online and book an appointment at our centre. If you find your car’s MOT has already expired, then contact us straight away, and then only use your car to drive directly to our test centre. We will get you back and legally on the road as soon as we can.

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