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MOT Amersham

An MOT is an annual inspection of your car, primarily focused on ensuring it is safe to be on the road, but also that it is compliant with environmental regulations. As a legal requirement, you must have a valid certificate from an approved test centre to drive on the road. Your current test certificate will provide details of the expiry date.

Our service centre has been providing MOTs for clients in greater Buckinghamshire since 1992. As our customer’s safety is paramount, we undertake a thorough investigation of the vehicle. We will inform customers of any parts that need replacing in order for their car to pass the test and gain your approval before undertaking the work, so we never present you with an unexpected bill. Over the years we have also built a reputation for honesty that we want to retain, feel reassured that we will never suggest that you need replacement parts that are unnecessary.

There are different classes of certifications that apply to different vehicles. Holmer Green Service Centre is a Class 4 MOT approved centre.

MOT Amersham and Holmer Green

To increase the chance that your car will pass, there are a few simple steps you can take once or twice between tests:

  • Ask a friend to check each of your lights as you switch them on and off and buy replacement bulbs when required
  • Check your tyre pressure at your petrol station and fill with air if needed
  • Check water, oil and coolant levels and top up as required
  • Keep your license plates clean, so they are easy to read
  • Replace wipers if they no longer adequately clear your windscreen

Our service centre is based in Holmer Green can complete most tests whilst you wait. We have a comfortable waiting room and our friendly staff will provide you with tea, biscuits and a newspaper to help pass the time and minimise the inconvenience.

If your car’s testing is due, please contact us today to book an appointment at our garage. If your vehicle’s certificate has already expired, you need to book an appointment today and only use your car to drive directly to the test centre. We will get you legally back on the road as quickly as possible. Contact our offices on 01494 715058 to book your MOT.

MOT Amersham, Buckinghamshire – Holmer Green Service Centre