Driverless Cars

Posted on Mar 17, 2015

Britain has a reputation for innovative engineering and the evolution of driverless car technology could put British engineers in the limelight in 2015. In February the Government announced a £19million investment into four driverless car projects and tests on public roads are due to start this summer.

Britain is not the only country hoping to be at the forefront of this technology. Over in Sweden, Volvo has invested considerable resources into developing driverless cars and also has tests planned for this year.

Handing over Control

It will take a lot of persuading for many drivers to hand over the controls to the car, but others will be delighted at the prospect of an easy ride. Whilst there may be fears about reliability and safety, this technology has the potential to significantly reduce the number of accidents, incidents and congestion on our roads.

Human error is at the heart of many road safety issues. Unlike us, the car won’t be distracted by a phone ringing, children in the back seat or something on the roadside. The vehicle won’t be feeling tired or irritable after a long day in the office and it won’t rise to the challenge of racing the car that sits beside it at the traffic lights.

Car Servicing and Repairs

If driverless cars greatly reduce the number of incidents and accidents, there could be a time when we only need to visit our local garage for an MOT or car service. As car repairs and spares can be costly, this will be welcome news to many drivers.

Whilst they can be a temporary inconvenience, MOTs and car services are important parts of car ownership. They ensure that your car is in good working order and is safe and legal for you to drive on the roads. They not only ensure that your car is fit for the road now, they also help to maintain the vehicle, keep it in good condition and increase its longevity.

An MOT certificate and a stamp in the car service history are more than a piece of paper. They give you a level of reassurance that you are not putting yourself, your passengers and others in danger every time you get in the car. Whilst a car service is not a legal requirement, a good service history shows that the car has been well looked after and can be a valuable document to ensure you get a good price when you are ready to sell it.

Reliable Car Servicing

There may be a time when cars can not only get you from A to B, but can also self clean, undertake regular checks and even self repair! Until then, all makes and models can receive a professional service from Holmer Green Service Centre.

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