Clutches and exhausts

Good driving and regular car maintenance can extend the duration of parts such as the clutch and exhaust. If and when they need replacing, Holmer Green Service Centre has mechanics with the experience and expertise to fit high quality replacements and get your car safely back on the road.

If you notice clutch slippage, your car not moving when you take your foot off the clutch, or the pedal getting higher before reaching the bite point, these are signs that your clutch may need to be checked. At Holmer Green Service Centre we can undertake a thorough clutch inspection and if a replacement is required, we use LUK or Valeo Clutches.

A rattling noise is usually the first sign of a blowing exhaust, but it doesn’t always result in a full exhaust replacement. If you bring your car for an exhaust check if you suspect a problem, it may be resolved with a replacement of the centre section or back box only.