Cars Remain Commuter’s Choice

Posted on Oct 10, 2016

A relatively small percentage of the population walk to work. This means that the majority of us have to rely on our cars or public transport throughout the working week.

Whilst bus and train services can be busy in peak hours, it seems that the majority of the UK population hop into the driving seat. In a recent survey conducted by, 97% of respondents stated a preference for using their car to get to work.

The survey would suggest that convenience and practicality were a greater influence on this decision than cost, as 87% stated that they wouldn’t use existing bus services, even if they were free. There was a distinct feeling that being in your own private space was a better way to make the journey, even if this contributed to the tailbacks and delays that we all experience on our commute.

It isn’t just the chance to avoid waiting in the rain for the bus; there are often practical reasons why a bus journey simply isn’t viable. For a start, many journeys would require changes on route and bus times may not tally. Journey times can also be longer, as the bus route is far from direct. If you have to carry bulky or heavy equipment to work, the bus would certainly present a challenge.

For many the bus route simply doesn’t come close enough to home or work, so they would need another mode of transport to reach the bus stop. What’s more many people don’t simply drive to work and back; there may be detours to drop off or collect children, make visits to older relatives, do the food shopping and complete other tasks.

So it would seem that despite peak time hold ups, the cost of motoring and parking charges, our cars are still very much in demand as the only viable option for the daily commute.

Car Maintenance

As so many of us are reliant on our cars, it is important that we keep them well maintained. With regular checks on key components and the annual MOT and service, we help to ensure that our cars can serve us well. Even without mechanical knowledge, you can help your car to function effectively.

We should all take time to keep our cars clean, with particular focus on the windscreen and lights to ensure clear visibility. Along with filling up the fuel tank, make regular checks on the oil, coolant and windscreen wash levels and top up as necessary.

If you notice anything different or see a warning light on the dashboard, it is advisable to take it to a garage as soon as possible. There is never a convenient time, but early diagnosis can often prevent a more serious problem developing, which would be more time consuming and costly to fix.

Remember to book your vehicle in for its annual MOT. You won’t get a reminder for this, so put a note in your diary to ensure that you comply with the law. The MOT will ensure that your car is fit to be on the road and within legal limits. It might mean catching the bus for a day, but gives you the reassurance that your car is in good shape to take you to work for the coming year.

If you are looking for a local, VOSA approved garage to undertake your vehicle’s MOT, Holmer Green Service Centre can assist. Contact us today to book your car in.