Car Problems Blamed in F1

Posted on Dec 13, 2016

The final race of this season’s F1 Grand Prix ended in dramatic style. Although Lewis Hamilton won the race, his attempts to control the results failed and his Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg crossed the line in second to take the F1 World Title.

Lewis Hamilton may have congratulated his team mate with a hand shake, but he made several references to his car being the reason that he hadn’t taken the 2016 title.

F1 Cars

Formula One cars feature precision engineering and advanced technology. They are designed to perform in the most testing of conditions. Subtle changes in tyre pressure, ergonomics and aerodynamics can be all it takes to get the edge over competitors. In addition, the car designers have to comply with ever more demanding regulations that govern the sport.

This year Hamilton’s car has certainly been the cause of some missed opportunities. There have been issues with the hybrid system, penalties due to the replacement parts used in repairs and engine failure. Any driver would be frustrated if they faced all these car problems in one year, but when driving is your profession, such a run of problems is devastating.

The Mercedes engineers and those working for the competing teams now have six months to prepare the state of the art vehicles for the 2017 season. The re-occurring problems need to be ironed out and every component must be thoroughly checked, fitted and checked again. Hamilton will be even more determined to fight for the title next year and his car will need to perform.

The Abu Dhabi final was also the final race for Felipe Massa, who finished 10th on the grid. To mark the occasion, Williams presented Massa with the car he raced in Brazil, his home city. The gift was a repaired version, on which the logo of sponsor Martini, has been changed to Massa. As a tribute to his commitment to the team, it certainly beats most leaving presents.

Reliable Cars

Whilst many drivers would love the chance to get behind the wheel of a F1 car, few will ever experience what it’s like to be in Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg or Felipe Massa’s shoes. We may not need our cars to win prestigious racing titles and substantial prize money, but we still rely on our cars on a daily basis.

If a problem with the hybrid system, repairs or the engine occur on our vehicle and it has to spend a couple of days at the garage it can be a considerable inconvenience. We might be forced to make a lengthy commute on public transport, have to rearrange important meetings or ask friends to help taxi the kids to clubs.

Remembering to book your annual MOT and making the recommended repairs and replacements that are highlighted in the test is one way to ensure that your vehicle is fit for the road and compliant with legislation. It also reduces the risk of unexpected and costly issues arising.

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