Does my car need an MOT?

Posted on Oct 12, 2015

Every car that drives on British roads has to have a valid MOT certificate. It is one way in which we can be reassured that the cars on our roads comply with various regulations including safety measures and emission levels.

It is the driver’s responsibility to remember when it is time to book their car in for an MOT and to take it to a test centre before their current certificate expires.

A national database makes it easy for law enforcement to identify cars that are being driven without an MOT. If you are spotted driving without an MOT, it can result in your vehicle being removed. The only exception is if you prove that you are driving to a pre-booked MOT appointment.

MOT Test Centre

The annual MOT has to be carried out by a VOSA approved test centre. It is best to find a local garage with experienced inspectors that you trust to carry out your MOT. Holmer Green Service Centre has a team of professional and approved MOT mechanics and we provide a thorough and efficient service to customers across South Buckinghamshire.

Preparing for an MOT

The test garage will carry out an inspection of your car. If they find something that isn’t in accordance with the standard test criteria, they can’t issue a certificate. The garage is obliged to identify the problem on the paperwork and recommend a solution. If there are multiple problems, it can be a costly and time consuming process to get the work done and a re-test taken.

There are however many ways in which you can prepare for the MOT, increasing the likelihood that your car will pass and spreading the cost of any necessary repairs.

Three Common Issues

Worn wipers

In the UK, windscreen wipers do get put through their paces. Over time, they become prone to splitting or damage. Check your wipers for damage and ensure that they efficiently clean your windscreen before the test. If there are any problems, it is quite affordable to buy replacement wipers and have them fitted to avoid a fail.

Tyre Tread

Tyres are essential to road safety, as they connect the car to the road. Tyres do wear, especially if they are regularly subjected to carrying heavy loads, such as with tow vehicles. Regular checks on tyre wear and tear and measuring to see that they tread exceeds 1.6mm will ensure that you replace them at an appropriate time. This will enhance your safety on the roads, spread the cost and minimise the risk of a fail.

Lights Out

Cars use lights to communicate with other vehicles, so it is vital that they work. Take time to regularly check that all your lights are functioning. Also ensure that the lens around the bulb is clean and not damaged. Replacement bulbs are widely available and can be fitted in minutes.

General Maintenance

By investing time in the general maintenance of your vehicle, including regular cleaning and the topping up of brake fluid, coolant and screen wash as necessary, you can help your car to pass the test. You also allow it to function efficiently, last longer and have a greater retail value, which sounds worth the investment.