Car Maintenance

Posted on May 21, 2015

There was a time in the not so distant past when cleaning the car was a weekly ritual played out on driveways up and down the country. Shops and attractions were shut on Sundays and there weren’t so many sports events on the television. Sundays were time to be at home with the family and many people spent time mowing the lawn and ensuring their car was sparkling on the outside and well vacuumed on the inside.

Heading out with a bucket, sponge and warm soapy water also offered an opportunity for children to earn a bit of pocket money. Those who were less inspired to do it themselves would be happy to hand over a couple of pounds to their son or daughter after close inspection of their standard of work.

Car cleaning kits and soft chamois leathers were regularly unwrapped by dads on Christmas Day and people took pride in seeing their efforts rewarded by a shiny, droplet-free finish. Cleaning the car may also lead to other general car maintenance activities such as topping up oil, water and anti-freeze levels or checking tyre pressure.

Changes to Old Habits

Times have changed and this has been illustrated in a recent survey by vehicle leasing company OSV. Of the 1,100 adults questioned on 12% still regularly cleaned their car. Of the males that were interviewed, 31% admitted to having never cleaned their current vehicle and this figure exceeded 70% for women.

These days people are less likely to stay at home on a Sunday and even if they do, cleaning the car isn’t such a priority. In every town there are automatic car washes and teams of car cleaners offering a quick and efficient service at an affordable price, so popping there on the way back from a day out simply makes more sense.

In addition, modern engines prevent enthusiastic mechanics from cleaning and tinkering with parts under the bonnet. We can’t easily understand how things work, diagnose or rectify problems in the way that was possible several decades ago. This loss of physical contact with our cars means we are less aware of minor issues. It means we typically pay less attention to the up-keep and maintenance of our cars.

Annual MOT

It is a legal requirement that all cars on the road have a valid MOT certificate from a VOSA garage and your car can be seized and taken off the road if the MOT isn’t valid. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their car is booked in for an MOT prior to the expiration of the current certificate.

So, you may no longer spend your Sundays washing off the grim and vacuuming your car mats, but you must take responsibility for the annual MOT. Holmer Green Service Centre  is a VOSA garage with experienced mechanics and advanced diagnostic tools. We undertake thorough tests, efficiently identify any problems, source and fit any necessary replacement parts and get back on the road as soon we know it is safe to do so.