Braking Systems

The brakes are an essential component in any vehicle, as it enhances the safety of the driver and passengers. Whether used for gently slowing the car or bringing it to an immediate stop, brakes need to be maintained to ensure they remain responsive and minimise your stopping distance.

A good braking system is determined by reliable components that have been professionally fitted to be aligned with each other and the vehicle. At Holmer Green Service Centre we can repair braking systems or replace worn brake pads and discs, so you can feel confident that your car will stop immediately when you need it to.

We can also work on ABS systems. If you vehicle is fitted with ABS it enables safe braking without the wheels locking up, enabling the driver to control the vehicle through steering and traction. ABS promotes active driving safety, so it is important to ensure it is in full working order. Our technicians have the expertise to check and repair ABS systems.